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Medfusion Ascend Specialty Pharmacy

“You were very accurate in answering all my questions.  Everything came in a timely manner and the pharmacist was just wonderful.”

— A patient from Missouri

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech companies face difficult challenges in developing solutions to ensure patient safety, achieve optimal product utilization and obtain profitability for specialty medications. As a leader in managing specialty therapies, our pharmacy can provide manufacturers strategic solutions to safely provide specialty medications to physicians and patients.
As a national specialty therapy and product distribution manager, our pharmacy is focused on most efficiently managing drug distribution and costs, while caring for patients who require specialty pharmaceuticals. Not only do we specialize in patient education, complex administration and home delivery of specialty pharmaceuticals, we also go the extra mile to provide a comprehensive approach to managing specialty therapy for optimal use and patient safety through our specialty therapy management programs.
Strategic Advantages:


  • Payer contracting


  • PBM pull through opportunities


  • Reimbursement investigation and support


  • Patient assistance programs


  • Patient Management Programs


  • Therapy starter kits and coupon programs


  • Data analytics and reporting


  • Distribution services


  • Patient and physician education programs


For more information, please contact us at 800.950.9122 or contact a sales representative.